The Tatros Band (Hungary)

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The Tatros Band [tɒtrɔʃ] was founded in Budapest (HU) in 1988 out of the joy of playing music together and the love for the traditional folk music, dance and culture of the "csángó" [t͡ʃaːngoː] people living in Moldova and Ghimeş region (RO). The band played a decisive role in the popularization of csángó folk music and was the first to hold regular csángó dance workshops (so called „táncház” [taːnt͡shaːz], dance house) in Hungary. The band renews itself with drawing from the source to this day as it learns and applies the tricks of playing music from those living in the tradition.

Their idols are the Masters living in the traditional village environment. The band takes its name from the Hungarian name of the Trotuș River, Tatros [tɒtrɔʃ] which rises in the Ciuc Mountains on the border of Harghita County, Transylvania, crosses Ghimeş region and then, leaving the Carpathians, joins the Siret River in Moldova region.

The band performs at concerts and dance workshops for all ages. The performace can be accompanied by instrument demonstration and dance instruction on request.

A few occasions abroad where Tatros has given a concert

Finland: Happavesi, Finno-Ugric Folk Festival
Turkey: Artvin Kafkasöv, Folk Festival
Italy: Udine, Folk and Puppet Festival Velence
Chech Republic: Praha, Mediawave Festival
Denmark: Ballerup, Folk Festival
Sweden: Concert tour
Germany: Leipzig Music and Dance Festival
France: Paris, Hungarian year
Netherlands: Utrec, Hungarian year
Poland: Wraclaw, Hungarian year; Szczecin
Romania: Moldova region, Csángó Festival

In spite of all these, the band is proudest of the many invitations they got to play at wedding parties in Moldova region (RO). Special thanks to the onetime members of the band, the Masters and friends, the enthusiastic and raving audience.

Released discs

Tatros Band: Moldvai csángó népzene - Music from Moldva (1991)
Tatros Band: Live Music - Dances From Moldva And Gyimes (1997)
Mária Petrás and the Tatros Band: Mária erejével - With The Power Of Mary (2006)

In addition, the band appears in numerous folk music selections, and as contributors they have also appeared on joint recordings with several rock, blues and jazz bands. With the help of the band, several significant, now irreplaceable audio materials have come to light that perpetuate the knowledge of their Masters from Gyimes and Moldavia.